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Farmers brains are special...

When you ask them a question, they want to know first what you need the answer to be, to pay less tax.

Ideally no tax at all...

It's our job as accountants to make sure you stay legal but there are areas of tax mitigation you may not have thought of.  It's our job to bring them up.

Keeping accounts

We get the basics right

We will work with you to get your annual compliance running smoothly, from the software that you use to the bolt-ons and how you use it.

Light Bulb

We think outside of the box

Every year your accounts and tax affairs will be reviewed like it is the first year.  Driven by the question "is this still ok?"

Chain of people figurines connected by white lines. Cooperation and interaction between pe


We will establish communications with your land agent, your solicitor, your agronomist, you name it.  The goal is to have a joined up professional service and not to operate in a vacuum.

As a new firm, we are in the amazing position of being able to create the service for farmers in conjunction with farmers in today's modern age.

Over the coming months we will consult with our farming network to establish the best service that we can so watch this space or make contact to contribute to the vision.  Nothing is off the table and here are a few of the projects we have going on...

In the pipeline...

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