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Property Development

Most farmers have that field, or a few of them, that might one day 'go for development.

The key to this sort of transaction is to get thinking about it early.  You should bring your professional advisor on board right from the first light bulb moment as you should be thinking about how and when you want to trigger the uplift in value.

This is key because the moment you put in for planning, you will have uplifted the value of the asset and more often than not this is an asset in your own hands for Capital Gains Tax.

We have worked with many farmers on many development projects and can help you to consider how to select the right deal for you, we can critically assess any offer presented and represent your interests in the face of what can often be a confusing proposition from the developer.

We can review the transaction to ensure that you don't inadvertently trigger any taxes (such as income tax) and make sure you have executed everything in the right order.

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