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All eyes on the environment

There's no doubt about it the environment now has center stage in the eyes of the public, and farmers are at the front line of it.  Yes it is frustrating when restrictions impact on your productivity, yes there is too much red tape and form filling. but also yes, it is here to stay.

We will assess the viability of your environmental schemes and help you navigate choices as the Environmental Land Management Schemes come in to play.  We've been through it before with Area Aid, Single Farm Payment, then Basic Payment Scheme now this.

Arguably this time around things are going to be a bit tougher than the last time things changed, as we know you will get less money than under BPS but now you will also have to spend money to get the subsidy.  We believe that farmers should prudently put 50% of the current subsidy in to their forecasts past 2024.

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